FAFA 4th edition designer profile: Zekaryas Solomon

Crème of Nature and Capital FM have teamed up with the biggest fashion organization in Kenya, to bring you “FAFA Fashion For Peace” Gala night. This glamorous event will take place in Nairobi on the 17th of November 2012, under the stars, at the Silver Ring mega-dome in Ngong Racecourse.

FAFA brings you an eclectic mix of established and emerging African fashion houses while maintaining its reputation as one of the most exciting events fashionistas have seen on Kenyan soil.

Ajuma the  international catwalk queen, is selecting the models that will grace the FAFA runway, so make sure to stay connected to FAFA twitter and Facebook pages for more information.

DESIGNER PROFILE: Zekaryas Solomon

Eritrean born Designer, Zekaryas Solomon spent his early years in the Republic of Sudan before moving to Germany as a young boy.

He initially studied Architecture, Design and Art in Wuppertal, Germany, graduating in 2005. He spent four years working as an Architect whilst developing a passionate interest in fashion design.

In 2010 he graduated with a master’s degree in Pattern Design & Garment Technology from London College of Fashion.

The label, Zekaryas Solomon is a high concept fashion of individual bespoke tailoring and ready-to-wear garments for both men and women.

He draws inspiration from his Eritrean heritage, re-interpreting traditional costumes with a futuristic, functional edge and also, being trained originally as an architect; the clean lines and impeccable structure is evident in his designs.

His work is characterized by simplicity, originality, and above all, versatility. A dress is never just a dress, but can be worn in a number of ways: twisted, wrapped, or flipped. Each garment becomes unique to the wearer

His multi-functional garments also allow for clients imagination to intervene as well as establishing an intimate cohesion with their own personalities and his garments. This is one of the reasons Solomon’s collections are sought after by men and women.

Solomon also keeps his designs fresh and innovative with his unusual twisted solution for pockets, collars, closures and the way they are incorporated. His collection offers a truly individual wearable statement.

Zekaryas Solomon was recently named as one of Africa’s Top 10 Male Designers; nominated best male designer of the year 2011 and 2012 at BEFFTA AWARDS and best male designer of the year 2012 at Fashions Finest. His designs have been featured in numerous magazines like Sublime, LEONID, FAB, New African Woman and ELEM to mention a few.

Zekaryas Solomon
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