Hot Trend Alert: Cap-toe pumps are all the rage!

Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Zara, Steve Maddens, YSL, Manolo Blahnik always know best when it comes to fashion and they are just among the very fashionable famous fashion designers to embrace the cap-toe pump trend. Such a fabulous shoe trend that deserves a huge thumbs up! Chic in shoes is what it is all about.

CLICK HERE to check out an interesting Cap-toe DIY tutorial.

The cap-toe pumps are all the rage! I bet you any fashionable lady already owns at least a pair of these.

Metallic caps. Labelled so because of their shiny gold or silver cap look

Caps can also be made of pure leather, patent leather, suede…you name it!

The perks of owning a pair of the cap-toe pumps

  • You will have no option but to be put in the “it girl” bracket
  • They make it  easy to pair your clothes and accessories
  • They give you an easy option to color block
  • They are just plain stylish so they make your feet steal all the attention
  • They give your feet character
  • They have the ability to add life to a monochromatic look
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