The 5 meanings of “kicking it”

A dear Capital Lifestyle Magazine reader is in a fix and has shared her story. She seeks your advice…

Hi Guys!!
Just a quickie…….. in the past couple of letters my special pal has stated that if circumstances were different he would definitely want to “kick it” with me. Can anyone explain to me what the term “kick it” actually means???? I thought it meant spending time together, but somebody else said it could mean something else.

You’re right Lorraine, “kick it” can mean what you’ve eluded to above: hanging out and/or something completely different.  A slang term, “kick it” or “kicking it” in a relationship context, usually refers to the getting-to-know-each-other phase before dating or the dating-explicitly phase.

Here are the top 5 definitions we’ve compiled from other Capital Lifestyle readers:

1. Chilling
Sara: So, what u up to?
Paul: Just kickin’ it.

2. Making out (kissing) – a physical hookup
Susie: So have you kicked it with him yet?
Katie: Yup. =)

Mark: So what happened with Tracy last night?
Luis: Not much, we were kickin’ it.

3. Having sex – a physical hookup

Joe: I was kicking it with that chick last night.

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