Fashion for the cold alert: The printed scarf

When the weather gets cold, things get thick when it comes to dressing up and looking stylish at the same time. So thick that you grab the first thing in your wardrobe that looks warm. For a moment there you forget about looking stylish and instead cater for warmth. While keeping warm makes so much more sense because the cold brings with it a number of health complications,there’s a way you can cater for both style and warmth in just one easy step…getting a printed scarf.

When it comes to printed scarves, you will get quite a variety such that you can be spoilt for choice. Choosing the perfect printed scarf will depend wholly on your style. Whether you like designer items or otherwise, you can get a stylish printed scarf from as low as Ksh100.All you need to do is keep your eyes open while shopping.

Wearing one (a printed scarf) is easy as well. It will depend on whether you prefer the large scarf or the small scarf. With the larger scarf, you can play around with making it look different every time you wear it.

Now that you know that one easy step I was on about earlier…you can now throw on your plain trench coat or sweater/cardigan but  remember that gorgeous print scarf to add not only color but style as well to your ensemble. That they come in a light fabric means you can wear them all year round 😉 .

PS: Go for a printed scarf that will brighten up your face and your look because cold weather has a way of making everything look glum.


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