Upville drama expected with Keagan, Junia entry

Upville is definitely the house to watch after South African trouble-maker Keagan and Namibian man-eater Junia were ushered into the posh abode during last night’s eviction show.


Barbz tried to look excited as Junia walked in trepidatiously, looking gorgeous in yellow. She and Maneta screamed and jumped when they saw each other while Ghana’s Keita also welcomed the soft-spoken bad girl into her new quarters.


Unlike other Downville evictions where only one person makes it to Upville, Biggie was forced to send in Junia and Keagan after their votes tied at 7 countries each. Their compatriots Jesica and Lee were sent home with only 1 country vote and 0 respectively. One thing is for sure though, Upville-mates are not happy about sharing their space.


Downville rests for a week as Upville housemates are up for nomination this week. Housemates vote today, and with Goldie as Head of House, Prezzo the Gossip has a good chance of survival should he be nominated for eviction.


Maneta, who survived the block last time, may not be as luck this time around.


Junia played it cool but she will definitely miss Kenyan boy Malonza whom she kissed and had a ‘thing’ since week 1.


When Big Brother Stargame presenter IK interviewed her, she played it cool and said she ‘liked him (Malonza) very much’ and they would ‘remain friends’.


She however went on to say that as she moves on, Malonza and Ugandan lass Jannette can keep ‘chasing each other’ around if they want.


Junia and Keagan’s fighting is not going to stop when they get to Upville, and we’ll see how long it takes before the South African ruffles as many feathers as he finds.


A smiling Lee was happy to go home, while Jesica said “Liberia here I come!” in reference to her love interest who was evicted from the house, Luke.

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