Sex- Make it or break it


When you learn the truth, the truth sets you free. It is an amazing thing, freedom. It seems that it is when you find it, when you are finally set free that you realize you were free all along, you just had to accept it. That is the trick; freedom is in your being able to accept the truths that come your way. One of the biggest enslavements that we face in Christianity is the failure to accept that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and mine and that he rose again, freeing you even further from death and ushering you into a position of eternal life that comes with power, abundance, prosperity, healing, deliverance, grace, miracles, signs, wonders and much, much more. Yes, we are free indeed, and yet we are our own jailers.

For a long time I was told that everyone I had slept with I was tied to. We are told that sex is crucial, that it is so crucial it makes a marriage. As I was reading a book by a great Man of God, I came to learn that this is not the case. Yes, there is a gluing mechanism to sex, true; but that can easily be unstuck by being saved. It is not by decreeing or declaring, prayer, fasting, deliverance and laying on of hands but simply by accepting Him that you are set free from every tie made in your past through sex. The day you got born again, you were set free. Accept it, and live it.

Many are the times when a girl would get pregnant out of wedlock and would be made to marry the guy who did it. It was said that because they had sex, it was recognized as marriage, but at the end of it all the couple and the children suffered a great deal. Sex cannot make a marriage; sex is not marriage, it is simply sex! Sex outside a marriage has many many complications that affect the body, spirit and soul, and that is why God put a condition on it; and it is a sin when it is done because it is done in disobedience to His condition. Just because you had/have sex together does not make you married, God does not care if you have lived together for years and have children; you are not married unless He alone joins you and under His condition and standard of marriage.

There are times we hear of divorce cases that come about because one partner was not “giving it up”, and there are others that come about because one partner was “giving it up” but not to their spouse. Once again, sex cannot break a marriage. In the Bible this was given as grounds for divorce if you choose it. In reality sex cannot make or break a marriage- only people can. You choose to marry and you alone choose to divorce. Sex is simply a gift, a wedding gift from the Father to be enjoyed for as long as you want to.

We have been made to believe that sex sells, sex is power, but here you are being told that sex has no power but that which you give it. In other words, you have the power and you choose what will be. This set me free because I can now look back at my past, the sexual abuse, the rape- all of it- and realize that sex cannot make or break me. Only I can give it the power to do so. When I understood that I was quick to take back that power and to simply look at it as a wonderful, amazing activity that I will enjoy with my husband but not even one that takes up all our time and perhaps not even every day. It will never be my reason to marry nor shall it ever be my reason to end a marriage. It shall never be sex. Hot, steamy, sweet, gentle, wild and passionate sex.

You are free!

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