Take a break from stilettos in stylish flats

Flat shoes are a definite woman’s shoe rack essential and especially if they are stylish. These lovelies are so handy and can be worn everyday and any time as they add a touch of chic to your simple yet stylish look.
Whether you are running errands or you are on a night out and plan to dance the night away, or you intend to go for a comfortable official look, or you have a shopping trip to the mall that may take the whole day…stylish flats should be your ideal footwear whenever you decide to give your legs a break from the much loved stilettos.

All sorts of stylish ballet flats

From trendy brogues, to ballet flats…flats are so in vogue as aside from looking stylish, there’s the comfort factor and also they protect your feet from dust unlike sandals. You can just about do everything in these shoes like run around and move quickly from point A to B hence saving time 😉 .

Michelle Obama knows her footwear quite well considering the kind of job she does. Ballet flats are her preferred footwear as she moves alot and is always on her feet and ever on the move. You can borrow tips from her below.

Michelle Obama rocking flats
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