Specialty Tea breaks the mold

Norfolk High Tea Nairobi Kenya photographed by Susan Wong 2012 - specialty tea main
The question, “Would you like a cup of tea, Sir?” often conjures up thoughts of old people with stereotypical English accents, dainty tea cups with flavourless brews, and a lot of “sipping”.

Seen as a beverage for the older generations, pretentious, and less “hip” than other options like coffee or even a bottle of soda; tea has definitely been misunderstood and is making a formidable comeback in the beverage market with specialty tea leading the way in its newest image makeover.

With coffee shops, hotels and fashionable cafes in Kenya offering specialty tea blends; younger, affluent, educated, health conscious and socially responsible consumers with sophisticated palettes are making tea “cool” again.

For the first time, 2010 marked the year that the United States surpassed United Kingdom in tea imports thanks to the growing number of medical studies suggesting tea as the healthier beverage option.

So why is specialty tea so popular?

From health benefits to convenience, specialty tea offers a diverse range of products – from black to white, serving the beverage hot or cold, delicious aromas of fruits to flowers, and packed bagged or loose – there’s something for everyone.

With many beverage drinkers told to cut back on sugar and caffeine by their doctors, tea is the next best thing. The growing number of scientific studies suggesting tea playing a preventative role in many chronic human diseases is ensuring that specialty teas continue to surge with popularity.

The Norfolk’s Tea Room offers some of the best specialty teas found in Kenya. The blends are the handiwork of Safari Lounge, who starts off with some of the highest quality tea leaves that can be sourced in Kenya and all over the world. Some of the teas are steeped to perfection unadorned, while others like Pina Colada, Hawaiian Cocktail and Sun da Capo are dressed with dried fruits and other additions – creating a cup of beguiling and balanced flavours.

High Tea at The Norfolk includes an array of tea time favourites served on a two-tier glass stand. Perfectly cut sandwiches like the classic Egg Salad or Smoked Salmon line the top tier, and by the time you move on to the second tier of sweet Cream Puffs and Fruit Tarts, your body will be yearning for a cup of refreshing chilled fruit tea.

After you enjoy a cup of specialty tea, hot or cold, you realize that the raved health benefits of the ingredients are only the icing on the cake.

If you’d like more information on how to reserve a table for High Tea, where you can buy specialty teas, prices and locations – check out Eat Out Kenya!

Norfolk High Tea Nairobi Kenya photographed by Susan Wong 2012 - snacks with sauces
Norfolk High Tea Nairobi Kenya photographed by Susan Wong 2012 - specialty tea Norfolk High Tea Nairobi Kenya photographed by Susan Wong 2012 - egg salad

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