Cancer from a naturopathic perspective

(Ameet Aggarwal) – Cancer is a shift in the way your cells are functioning. Cancer is not something attacking your body, rather, it is a process which your cells have begun which is not healthy for your body. In saying this, cancer is a biological response by your body to certain factors. Natural views of why cancer manifests include:

– Increased toxicity in the body, which causes cell DNA damage, hence causing mutations

– Decreased immunity, therefore an inability for your body to get rid of mutant cells

– Poor diet, which causes sugar imbalances and chronic inflammation, leading to cell mutations and a toxic environment

– Blockages of energetic meridians, which interfere with the flow of energy, or Qi, in your organs, hence creating illness

– And sometimes, cancer is seen as a result of unresolved emotions which are beginning to affect your cells.

A diet of colourful vegetables high in antioxidants quenches free radicals which cause DNA damage. Fish oils reduce inflammation and activate enzymes necessary for cellular detoxification.

Detoxification protocols ensure all your organs start functioning properly and give your cells a chance to breathe – always a good thing. Regular exercise, meditation and yoga oxygenate your tissues and relieve stress.

Oxygenating tissues is always a good thing because cancer cells cannot survive in oxygen rich environments.

Alkalinizing your body with certain foods (celery, Kale, lots of greens, etc) also enhances oxygen transport into your cells.

Talking about your problems and resolving shocking experiences or unnecessary grief gives you a chance to recover from and prevent future illnesses.

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