I have rashes since we’ve broken up!

In a recent Columbia University study, researchers showed that participants whom are victims of romantic rejection – an amicable breakup, cheated on or coldly dumped – will trigger changes in their brains that ultimately affect their health.

So it’s not just the “heartache,” figuratively speaking.

Researchers found that intense emotional pain can activate the same neural pathways as physical pain. Interestingly, the physical pain could also be manifested in other ways.

Your best friend who has just found out her husband of four years has been cheating on her may be complaining about chest pain, fall ill with the flu, develop insomnia, loses weight because of a loss of appetite, have an asthma attack, have irritable bowels, and even break out in patches of eczema or psoriasis.

Skin conditions that are originally thought of as genetic only, eczema and psoriasis, are also stress-induced. However, as women and also during an incredibly emotional time, hormones may fluctuate, and result in skin breakouts even if eczema and psoriasis does not run in the family.

So, if you’ve developed some rashes on your body or some other symptoms during an emotional time, don’t freak out.

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