My one eyed girl


I am a normal guy, with a normal life and normal friends (ok my friends have all lost their heads). My name is Jaymo -you know “we” Jaymo’s are the most popular and loudest chaps in any circle of friends right?- Life’s good but, I have a secret…

Most of my boys have a good thing going for them when it comes to relationships. I have met all my boys’ girlfriends and wives (for the few who are married), and they are all cool chics but none of my friends have ever met my girlfriend. And it will take a while before they do.

On a normal day hanging out with the boys I have to pull a disappearing act. (It has become my signature move; the boys even call it “the Jaymo”) And this is because I dash off to see my girl, my one eyed girl.

Don’t take that literally though, she doesn’t really have one eye. She has two! But…my girl is not your average girl.
This is she: caring, hardworking, sweet, smart and gifted with the kindest heart ever (given a chance I would dissect it to check if it is paved with some gem of some sort).
On to the physical: That girl has a figure on her that can rival Sofia Vergara, her tummy…wash board, her complexion and skin…gorgeous, her hair…I shall stop there!

You’ve pictured a gorgeous mami right? Good. Because… She is! But…I would never let most people in my life meet her, especially the boys because they will tear her heart down to smithereens.

See, my girl has brown teeth and her speech has quite a bit of mother-tongue influence plus she is not a refined city girl. She grew up in shagz. Other than that she is beautiful and not just on the outside.

Once in a while she asks about the people in my life and when she can meet them but at the same time she knows about her speech issues. She got teased about it all through college and she even got the nickname “shocrates” to mean “chocolates” out of it.
She doesn’t insist on meeting the people in my life though. She knows what will happen and how it might affect me.
Most of the time she chooses not to interfere. That’s how good-natured she is. I’m just not sure exactly what my boys will do to her… those boys can be brutal! And they don’t care much about anyone’s feelings…even mine.

She knows it’s not her fault she is that way and she refuses to change herself for anyone. The speech thing can be worked on (hey, they did wonders to Denis Oliech) and the teeth can also be cleaned and bleached but she chooses not to participate in any of those alterations just to please anyone.

For the love I have for her, I will not force her to do any of it. So I have decided to work on myself instead, for when I can introduce her to all the people in my life and fight mightily for her (she is worth it) and without feeling embarrassed or without worrying that they will take her apart and destroy her good nature.

We were having a discussion about one eyed girls with the boys one day…you know, the girls that have a “fault” in being according to society… and everyone was just laughing hysterically saying how they wouldn’t even dare date such. I just laughed, knowing the secret I’m holding with me for now….but soon…



  • Tritsonia

    been in those shoes, and unlike you for me it was hard introducing this guy to my sisters…(trust me they have the same behaivor like your boys” but i didnt mind much…i flew with the jokes mpaka it became normal, and on trying to know more bout the guy, they liked him so much. so gain courage and make the move.  all the best.

  • Magda

    Jaymo take ua gf out n meet ua buddys watamchongoa then wachoke n they will get used to her.Am glad u r proud of her

  • Miss Vee

    Jaymo the gal can get her teeth whitened at any dentist in Nairobi for a few k. As for speech, you cant change it or her shagz modo ways. Stop hiding her, show her off sooner than later.I would not keep a guy who is embarassed to be seen with me.

  • david

    good man,you almost caught me off guard with all that figure and cutey thing until u mentioned the teeth,man if she is good she is good,you dont want a white  Teethed speech perfect drama queen like Rihanna messing up your entire life for the sake of your boys liking…

  • Flo

    If you keep hiding this chic, she will get tired of it no matter how in love she is with you. She is only human you know. Get her out, show her off with unwavering confidence no matter what anyone says. That will teach anyone who is about to go brutal on her to keep their big fat yaps shut. Eventually you wont believe how envious they will all grow as they get accustomed to the both of you. Am a one eyed girl and people envy my boyfriend like crazy when we are together and he wouldn’t trade any gal for me! My problem was the speech, too heavy a tongue, but am working on it and due to my boyfriends love, I almost speak normally now.

  • David Ochieng

    if only i had such a gal!i would take her for how she is and not give a hoot what the #*$*ing world says coz at the end of the day she’s the World to me and thats all that matters.Am so single coz of such stereotypes and av vowed am not gonna let anyone dictate to me what is and what isnt when i eventually get the  one who sync’s wit me.

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