A little bit of mustard chic!

Mustard yellow is the new “it” color. It is a vibrant, stylish and possibly the brightest color you could ever wear. Mustard yellow is among the few colors that will always liven up your look and even your moods.

Whether it’s hot or cold weather, mustard yellow will do the fashion trick for you. In summery weather, mustard yellow will make you look even more vibrant and cheerful and in cold weather you will stand out and of course you’ll look brighter than everybody else.

Besides being a very chic color, the mustard yellow speaks its own language and this will depend on how it is paired.
It has several shades to it, from light to darker shades. From Sunglow, to school bus yellow, to saffron, to selective yellow…

The color yellow in general is a warm color within the color spectrum. Pairing mustard yellow with another color can be quite tricky so you need to know how it really works.

You could try playing around with the pairings but here are the ideal colors to match your mustard yellow or tie it together.

Black– Always pairs well with every color
Brown – especially dark brown will pair really well with mustard. Pair a warm and an earthy color and you get a really chic pair
Navy blue/ purplish blue will pair really well with mustard
Purple – Yellow and purple lie directly opposite each other on the color wheel hence they complement each other very well. (This is my fave color combo) Just remember that the darker the yellow the darker the purple and vice versa.
Berry tones like Magenta and Fuschia…same drill here, the lighter your mustard, the lighter your berry tone…

You can wear mustard yellow at night and during the day for that pop effect in a very chic way.

The trick to successfully wearing this color is to find a shade that complements your skin tone.

PS: Do not wear too much mustard yellow (as in head to toe) as you might just look like a taxi or a school bus.

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