3 cool Japanese gadgets

The Japanese have always been known for their creativity when it comes to practical electronics and gadgets. But, as the next 3 Japanese gadgets prove, impracticality is also what makes a good toy.

Enter: Tengu

Here we have a cute little white plastic brick with a face made of LEDs. The tiny microphone in the base picks up sounds in the room, whether it’s music, or your loudmouth boss, and makes his mouth move in time. It’s like he’s lip synching to the song! Kinda like Britney, only much much smaller, and probably smells better.

He’s USB powered, so plug him in to any powered USB port, set him near your favorite sound-source, and your little buddy will perform for you all day long!

Enter: Tuttuki Bako Poking Box

This new interactive toy from Japan involves sticking your finger in a hole on the side of the box to interact with a virtual environment.

Enter: H-Bouya

Here’s the weirdest toy, designed by Cube in Japan: the H-Bouya! The ‘H’ used in the name may also mean ‘erotic’ in Japanese (‘H’ is pronounced “eechi” = erotic). So you can say this is the Erotic Boy! H-bouya is plugged into a USB port, and each time the keyboard’s ‘H’ key is hit, it turns red and its eyes blink!

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