Some love for our Kenyan designers

Times are really changing and they are changing fast!I just love how most of our Kenyan designers are paying attention to what people actually want to wear. I also love how there are more young designers coming up every day.

At a recent magazine re-launch event I got to see an amazing collection by four fashion designers some of who have been there for a while and some who are still very new and very good.  I was left awed and shocked by how many pieces I looked at and I thought to myself “OMG I could absolutely wear that… and that …and that”. It was amazing. I loved how they fused modernity into their pieces and the fabrics used, very modern.

This all means that our very own fashion designers are indeed keeping with the times and with us. Here are some of the pieces showcased on the catwalk that evening.

PS: Remember to check out the detail on the pieces






So what do you think? Good stuff huh? Me thinks that if they keep up like this…world here we come! 😉

*photos by MUTHONI NJUKI

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