App downloads straight to your phone

The internet has never been this fun thanks to the tons of apps you can download straight to your phone to enrich and ease your online surfing experience. Rachael has downloaded Facebook and Ubersocial for Twitter on her phone. Her favorite is Ubersocial because she just loves Twitter especially the trending topics. She was particularly in love with one of the latest #MajibuZaMakanga.

To make her experience affordable, Rachael is on the 8bob a day for 10MB from Safaricom where she can manage her surfing costs and only pay for what she needs. Whats the one of your favorite apps you’ve downloaded onto your phone?

Tell us your favorite up for a chance to win Safaricom Airtime, Modems and Safaricom IDEOS handsets. Remember you can also get 5MB per day for only 5 bob or 25MB for only 20bob

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