Land Rover unveils DC-100 Concept

Land Rover unveiled their Defender DC-100 Concepts during the Frankfurt Auto Show.  However, due to the DC-100’s radical departure from the past that it represents, a lot of hatred is building among car enthusiasts.

The most radical of the Concepts is the Land Rover Defender DC-100 Sport, a funky two-door convertible version of the DC-100.

Design-wise the publicized goal is to capture “the inherent simplicity and reassurance of the original short-wheelbase Land Rover” – we’ll let you be the judge of that.  The familiar near-vertical panels are there along with 22-inch alloy wheels.  However the angled windshield and raked front are the biggest departures from Land Rover’s iconic designs from the past.

Fast forward to what consumers want now and in the future, Land Rover has included some incredibly smart technology in the DC-100.  Off-roading now has been made even easier with an intelligent mapping system that actually builds a 3D visualization of the surrounding terrain using a scanner and cameras mounted throughout the DC-100, which will tell the vehicle to change the ride-height to increase approach and departure angles.

Other futuristic things to love about the DC-100 are the solar panels on the roof that help to supplement power supply to on-board systems such as induction charging stations, a removable touchscreen tablet that controls navigation, Meridian speaker system that is also removable so you can play music from the campsite, and Park Assist that will enable you to parallel park with minimal brain power.

Slated for production in 2015, this just might be your vehicle of choice – that is if you can get over the drastic design changes.