Tusker mega-concert set for Oct 1

Ragga superstar Shaggy will make his second visit to Kenya at the end of this month to perform in the Tusker All Stars Concert set for October 1st.

He recently launched his latest album “Summer” which is topping the charts in Kingston, especially the hit song “Sugarcane”.

Shaggy will be joined by female rapper E-v-e and Angolan Cabo Snoop of the ‘Windek’ fame.

The performance at the Carnivore Grounds will be in honour of the winners of the Tusker All Stars reality show Davis Ntare (Uganda), Alpha Rwangira (Rwanda), and Peter Msechu (Tanzania).

Eve, who has made her name as the first lady of the Ruff Ryder’s hip hop clique recently got back to the music scene after a stint in acting. She has been in the studio, laying down tracks for her long-awaited solo album, “Lip Lock”.

Kenya will be one of the first African countries to get a dose of the new look Eve.

As for Cabo Snoop, he rose from obscurity to make a name for himself, despite the fact that he has 12 brothers and was nicknamed ‘Nobody’. This was because his mother had lost three children, and everybody thought that he too would die.

Though most Kenyans only know the one Cabo Snoop song, he is rumoured to be a super performer.

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