Time Out: Communication in relationships

(THITU KARIBA) I often say that one of the most important communication skills is listening.  Many times in a relationship, misunderstanding and fights com about due to poor communication. I cannot how many times misinterpretation or wrong perception has been at the root of several of my arguments in a relationship.

We have to learn to communicate and in order to do that effectively, we have to use all our senses. Listening is key to effective communication because only when the right message is received in the right manner, can one then give the right response.  I often hear men say that women say one thing when they mean the other, when you ask her what is wrong; she will say nothing when there clearly there is something the matter.  The question is how do we wk around that?

On e of the critical thing to effective communication is the environment. It is difficult and even impossible to a point across when there is noise. Noise in this case can be defined as anything that hinders effective communication. This can be stress, TV, Newspaper, football, your girlfriends, your boys and the list goes on.  To get the communication ball rolling we have to get the environments set.

We have to learnt o turn off the TV, we have to learn to wind down after a hard day at work before we get home, we have to learn not to bring up conversations when the game is on, we have to learn, what advice to take and ask of our girlfriends concerning our men. We have to learn to take a time out from the noise and tune into each other.

The best way to take a time out is to take some time away. As I have come to learn about communication and how crucial it is to a relationship, I have come give it priority and I invite you to do the same. As you do that you can also learn more with me on effective communication in relationships.  Come away with me and take a time out and get a word in. It could just make or break your relationship.

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