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Oriflame launches new anti-ageing technology

Oriflame Cosmetics (known the world over for their beauty range of products) yesterday launched a new product range based on anti-ageing technology as it seeks to consolidate its leadership as the world’s premier beauty company selling direct.

The company announced that following years of study and technological breakthrough, all its products must now contain a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 12 to protect consumer’s skin from being penetrated by harmful sun rays that cause pre-mature ageing.

Studies show that premature ageing is largely caused by stress, poor diet and lifestyle as well as exposure to harmful environmental elements.

Through its technological improvements Oriflame is coming in to help consumers slow down the ageing process and to feel great.

A New Look Corner House beauty center was also launched at the Oriflame premises in the CBD and Alfred Mutua was the guest of honour.

Oriflame East Africa Vice President and COO, Mr Terje Width, said that though not a requirement in many countries, the company had made the landmark decision in light of climate change and ozone layer depletion which is exposing the human race to harmful rays. The harmful rays not only cause signs of ageing to commence earlier, but could potentially cause skin cancer among some people.

He said there was need to empower consumers of beauty products so that they can make the right choices about safe skin care and avoid making wrong decisions on purchase, which would lead to unpleasant results.

The launch also saw the unveiling of 55 new products into the East African market. These include different product ranges of fragrances, skin care and colors. These are normally launched to the public every once in a while but only after several months of thorough market research.


Photo credits Muthoni Njuki


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