Star is the limit for Stella Mwangi

Aug 12, 2011 – It seems like the sky really is not the limit for Kenyan-born Norwegian musician Stella Mwangi. She will be among 10 celebrities that will feature in this year’s Dancing With the Stars, the Norway Chapter.

The show that will run until late October is better known in Norway as Skal vi Danse, and this year’s edition will be its 7th season.

The show pairs a celebrity with a professional dancer. The pairs compete amongst each other and in each episode, the pair with the least votes is eliminated.

As with their US counterpart Dancing with the Stars, and UK version Strictly Come Dancing, the show has been growing in popularity since it launched in January 2006.

Votes are cast by TV viewers and also a panel of judges.

This year’s contestants are STL (singer), Rachel Nordtømme (runner), Inger Lise Hansen (politician), Noman Mubasir (journalist), Anna Anka (reality TV star), Lars Bohinen (footballer), Kari Traa (skier), Rune Larsen (music journalist), Atle Pettersen (singer) and Anders Jacobsen (ski jumper).

Skal vi danse, which in Norwegian means shall we dance, is produced by Monster Entertainment and broadcast on TV 2.

Close to one million viewers are expected to be glued to their TVs for this.

STL, who shot into fame with her song Dreamer, recently represented Norway in the Eurovision contest and made it to the semi-finals.

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