Patent your wardrobe

If you love some shine on you (like yours truly) then Patent leather should play a major role in your wardrobe. Patent leather (which I speak of) is a type of leather that has been coated with a high gloss, shiny finish. The modern patent leather has a plastic coating which gives it that exceptional shiny look.

I believe patent leather help give you an overall polished look be it a belt, a pair of killer heels or flats, a handbag, wallet, clutch name it. A dash of patent will always liven up your outfit. However you must note that patent should be worn in moderation…don’t overdo it! (i.e wear patent from head to toe).

Patent leather can be used on an item as a decorative detail and you can also find items with full-on patent leather…your taste is what matters.

Cleaning patent leather is easy as the glossy bit of it does not allow it to get dirty so often.

Tips on wearing patent:

Ladies: Pair your patent leather belt with the same patent shoe color and you are a winner. This helps bring out your style sense.

Gentlemen: Leave your patent leather shoes for dressy (black tie) events.


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