Nokia Smart Race: Team Tokelezea finishes strong

August 1, 2011 – Congratulations to Team Warriors for beating out the entire field of Nokia Smart Race 2011 competitors for the Ksh250,000 grand prize, on Saturday.


Similar to the popular television game show, The Amazing Race, teams of four raced against each other around Nairobi to each clue, task and to the next destination; until they reached the finish line.


Team Warriors, a team of cousins, were extremely organized from the beginning and secured a well-deserved victory.


Kiss FM’s team edged out Capital FM’s Team Tokelezea by only 15 minutes for the media team category.


Capital FM’s Team Tokelezea showed incredible perseverance in their amazing comeback from 10th to 3rd place.



PHOTOBLOG: Photo Credits Susan Wong © All rights reserved.


Here are some memorable, chaotic, stressful and crazy Team Tokelezea moments:

Capital FM's Team Tokelezea: Dj Protege, Laura Walubengo, Italia and Soulo at Nokia Smart Race 2011 (Photo Credits: Susan Wong / July 30, 2011)







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