Diani Beach Earth Day 2011

Photo Credits: Katrin Ender

diani_earthday2_169646409.jpgApril 22, 2011 – If you’re heading down to the Coast, specifically Diani this long weekend, you may be surprised to find a cleaner white sandy beach waiting for you.

Thanks to Diani Beach Earth Day this past Wednesday (April 20th), beach clean-up and environmental awareness initiatives in the community, Diani has continued to keep the region as a marine life sanctuary and an unforgettable tourist destination.

Held at the Leopard Beach Resort, East African Whale Shark Trust (EAWST) educated attendees the importance of marine conservation. Tourists were educated on how to better protect the natural resources they were visiting and how they could support the local community through conservation donations.  A screening of award-winning marine documentaries and the launch of the DVD “World’s Best Dive Destinations” was also part of the Earth Day 2011 festivities.

Diani Beach Earth Day 2011 aimed at educating tourists and local residents about the life on the Kenyan coast, the challenges residents face, how to conserve natural resources and the importance of sustaining the tourism-based economy of the region.





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