Bamboo signs international hip-hop deal

December 26, 2010 – Former K-South member, Bamboo is one Kenyan rapper that keeps making major moves. Yesterday he became the first Kenyan rapper to get into the international hip-hop game after he signed a marketing deal with Wu-Tang Clan’s former manager Cedric Muhammad.

Since mid 2000s, Bamboo has been in the US hard at work honing his skills, learning the game and working with artists in the industry. Working between Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta he has been putting out new music which includes Akon’s ‘Mama Africa’ remix and a few mixtapes:

Bamboo is one of Kenya’s pioneering rappers who rose to fame with the duo K-South which consisted of him and another veteran Doobiez who goes by his alter ego Abbas Kubbaff.


They named themselves after the tough inner-city Nairobi neighbourhood called K-South (Kariobangi South) a perfect setting for great street tales. K-South was lyrically untouchable around 2000-07 making major noise on the Kenyan music industry with hits such as ‘Tabia Mbaya’, ‘Kapuka’, ‘Sitaki’, ‘Usilete Compe’, ‘Sitaki’, ‘Kariobhangi’ just to name a few. They sealed their name in the Kenyan hip-hop history books.

Bamboo now lives in New York and has been searching for someone to direct him to where he needs to be as an artist. Cedric Muhammad is a journalist who writes for,, and many others. He is an accomplished music manager who has worked with many hip-hop artists notably the multi album selling WU-Tang Clan. Cedric Muhammad is an economist who is a consultant for the African Union. His deep interest in Africa, its economy, culture and music drove him to set up a management company Hip-Hoppreneur Brand Management.

While networking with a group of African artist managers, filmmakers and industry practitioners recently, the name Bamboo came up as a perfect African rapper to get introduced to the US market. A meeting was organized and the rest as they say was Africa’s first rapper to work with a major US hip-hop industry insider. The Official Press is here: This is an exciting time for Bamboo as he will now get the perfect exposure needed to catapult his career in the direction he needs and the sky is the only limit from now on, he is in perfect hands.

Meanwhile Bamboo has new music out:

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