Out of Africa: A night of Kenyan film

December 24, 2010 – The calendars of Kenyans in the United States have been marked for March 15, 2011 when Kenyan women in film will be recognized in a night of culture.

The event will be this year’s version of Women in Film international (WIFI), which showcases about 8-9 films from one culture each year.


The night of culture is organized by the WIFI committee with the purpose of fostering an interactive bond between countries ‘by discovering, promoting and supporting the ideas and efforts of entertainment professionals, especially women, throughout the world’.

The past few years have featured films by women in Haiti, Palestine, Israel, Korea and indigenous America.

To add onto that the work of recognized artist Wangeci Mutu will be displayed during the mini-festival, which will be WIFI’s 5th annual event.


“WIFI has partnered with Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal City California and this series will celebrate and support the creative talents of Kenyan filmmakers,” read a statement.

“Every filmmaker has a unique perspective on their culture and their world. The films selected both narrative and documentary, will provide views into the psyche of these communities and deepen our understanding of Kenyan life, land, and cultures.”

Organisers in Los Angeles where the event will take place will next month start sifting through submissions sent to them by film-makers in Kenya, through the Kenya Film Commission.


2010 Literature Nobel Prize Nominee, Author Ngugi Wa Thiong’o will be in attendance to present his new book, “Dreams in a time of war: a childhood memoir”.

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