Whoopi Goldberg mourns her mom


September 8, 2010 – Whoopi Goldberg’s view was slightly askew this morning.

The Oscar-winning funnylady announced onair that her mother, Emma Johnson, had died over the weekend.

“I’m not sad, because she had a great time,” Goldberg said on The View.

“My mother was a great adventure person, so she loved to go on adventures and my brother and I made sure that her life was full and rich.

“I think I’m just sad sometimes that I think, ‘Who will love me the way that she did?’ But I realize that my brother and I have each other and so we’re OK.”

Goldberg said her mother, “one of the best people I’ve had the privelege of knowing,” died on Sunday, days after suffering a stroke.

The entertainer had cleared her calendar last week after learning of her mom’s condition, leaving the London production of the musical Sister Act and immediately returning to the states to be by Johnson’s side.

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