All housemates facing eviction this week


July 20, 2010 – Big Brother yesterday told all housemates that they were up for eviction this week, after a nomination process that left all the 14 contestants somewhat confused.

Sheila aka Kwambox swears that she didn’t hear her name being called out but it sure is on the list on the BBA voting page.

The housemates were still getting to know each other in the house last night, with Tatiana succeeding more than most especially, where the men are concerned.

Is it harmless flirting and getting cosy up or is it strategy for her to soften that spot that men have for beautiful girls and lessen her chances of being nominated in future.

Also yesterday, housemates argued about cleaning and cooking duties, trying to get the most organised and least controversial way about it; Lerato and Yacob were clearly the more pragmatic.

This morning, housemates struggled to get up after the alarm went off at 7.30am and only Munya and Tatiana made it for a thirty-minute workout.

Because his ‘chicken legs’, Munya concentrated on his upper body while Tatiana was a bit more all rounded.

So who will you be voting for?

And for some humour, here is a link for a video on Mwisho getting under Sammi’s skin!


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