Fifth Lola Kenya screen launches


May 27, 2010 – Lola Kenya Screen Launches the Fifth Edition of the Annual Children’s Event

Lola Kenya Screen, the annual film festival, film production workshop and audiovisual media market for children and youth in Eastern Africa will officially launch her fifth edition of the annual event on May 27, 2010 at 11.00 AM. The event that holds August 9-14, 2010, will for the first time be held outside Nairobi’s Central Business District as it aims to inculcate the film culture among the public in residential places.

The festival, whose film entry period ended April 15, 2010, has witnessed a significant interest from all over the world but particularly from Spain and Nigeria.
 The submission also registered a particularly high number of animated films from most countries.
Lola Kenya Screen will also showcase docu-dramas, documentary, fictional, experimental and drama films.

The prestigious Lola Kenya Screen Golden Mboni Award for the best children’s film and the Lola Kenya Screen 14-Plus Award for the best youth film competitions attract only the best possible international productions not older than 32 months.

Lola Kenya Screen, that also mentors children in creative journalism, events planning lola_398025387.jpg& presentation, film judging, and film production, shall equip 15 children and youth in documentary filmmaking.

Aware that children and youth form a large percentage of the mass media consumers, the festival has incorporated an hourly media literacy seminar to run through the six days of the festival to enlighten them on the opportunities and threats inherent in the mass media.

More so the festival has also introduced discussions after each screening in order to give the audience an upper hand in understanding the various issues that the film addresses in regard to the art and science of filmmaking. This, says Lola Kenya Screen director Ogova Ondego, is the only way to create an impact on the audience while giving filmmakers a chance to interact with the ultimate consumers of their master pieces.

As a result of the seminar and the discussions, the festival will showcase only those films that met the regulations and conform to the annual events idea of keeping films in focus for children and the youth.

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