Patricia: bigger and better in Season 2


April 15, 2010 – From covering features like makeovers, fashion do’s and don’ts, health, celeb interviews, advice and romance issues, to the hottest entertainment in Africa – the list is endless. You just have to love The Patricia Show.

It has been said that watching it is equivalent to watching the Oprah show. Only instead of Oprah there’s Kenya’s very own Patricia Amira and with content that reaches out to the entire African contineamira_10_603724723.jpgnt via M-Net.

And it only took season one to earn it that reputation. Now with the second season, which premiered this month, the expectations and agenda will be bigger and better.

“She is definitely doing good things and I want to believe that there will be several other seasons to come,” said Steve Isaboke, General Manager of Multichoice Kenya, at a champagne breakfast to usher in the new season.

‘To get the continent talking and to get you, the viewer involved,’ is exactly what will keep Patricia smiling… and talking. She is making head way I must say.

 The Patricia Show has helped put Kenya on the continental map and indeed she is now known to her viewers and fans as Africa’s Oprah.

The new season has quite a lot of fresh things to offer. For instance, a music stage and house band to electrify the atmosphere. Thought provoking debates are part of the agenda and daily challenges will be laid at her couch so that solutions are thrashed out. You can also expect to see goofy and odd things that you can only find and see in Africa.

WhatAMIRA_3_500835389.jpg’s not new is that Patricia and her panellists will continue addressing the hottest issues.

Patricia Amira is mostly for the idea that her show should make it possible to share stories throughout Africa that people can easily and seriously relate to.

Her guests inspire her to do what she does and she can’t get over the fact that her message will get to the viewer wherever they are in the continent loud and clear.

Educative, Informing, Inspiring and Entertaining, you can only catch The Patricia Show on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on both Mnet East and West.


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