Cameroon's Blick Bassy in Nairobi Concert


On the occasion of the 60th anniversary celebrations, Alliance Française de Nairobi presents Blick Bassy Cameroonian Soul Musician Finalist 2007 Radio France Internationale ‘Découverte Awards in a one off concert.

Regarded as the new soul voice of Cameroon, Bassy sings in his own language, Bassa, which is one of the 260 Cameroonian languages that fewer and fewer children know how to speak. Keen on preserving the Bassa’s musical traditions, Bassy’s soulful sound also blends in other influences such as Gilberto Gil, Marvin Gaye and Nat King Cole.

In his latest recording Leman, Blick Bassy connects the music of Central and West Africa and mixes it with bossa nova, jazz and soul. Bassy’s guitar playing and his intoxicating, warm voice are enriched by the kora, calabash and a double bass resulting in a unique, haunting sound which is velvety with subtle harmonies, yet also raw with groovy rhythms.

Date: Nairobi Thu. 12 Nov.
Venue: Carnivore Restaurant
From 9pm


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