Insecurity and mistrust reign in BBA house


NAIROBI, November 10, 2009
– Following Sunday’s departure of Elizabeth (Tanzania) from the Big Brother Africa House, the strategy being employed by the remaining eight housemates seems to be, ‘every man for himself, God for us all’.

According to Kevin, the housemates have gotten into their serpent positions!

Elizabeth’s eviction came as a surprise for the housemates who had expected Nkenna (Nigeria) to leave.  Edward, during his first tenure as Head of House, replaced Mzamo with Elizabeth. The switch was Edward’s way of getting back at Elizabeth for being instrumental in getting his twin brother, Erastus, out of the House.

“I really don’t know what Kevin is going to do after I am gone,” Elizabeth said of her former comrade-in-arms Kevin. Nicknamed “Pschyobeth” by Africa for her vicious emotional outbursts, Elizabeth said that she is looking at the bright side.

“All the housemates have had their bad days,” she defended.

Eviction nominee swap
Monday Nov 9, morning nominations revealed growing insecurity and mistrust. Each housemate had to nominate two housemates. Itai (Zimbabwe) and Leonel (Angola) received the highest number of nominations.

Second time Head of House, Edward (Namibia), saved Itai and replaced him with Kevin (Nigeria). Kevin, who is so sure that he is up for nomination, told Emma that Edward has it against him.

According to Kevin the animosity between them dates back to the time when the Smokers’ Alliance thought that Kevin was a part of them. Kevin says things got sour when he started backing out. He is convinced that Edward has had it against him ever since, and has also told Big Brother that Edward is his biggest competition in the House.

Doubting Itai

Itai on the other hand is convinced that HoH Edward did not put Kevin up. Itai’s reasoning is that Kevin has saved Edward before so he would return the favour. The insecure Itai, who was saved before by Nkenna, believes that Mzamo, whom he has nominated in the past, must have convinced Edward to leave him nominated.

Head of House Politics
Emma and Kevin have their eyes set on this week’s HoH competition. The pair starts planning the Head of House task. According to Emma if neither she, Leonel, or Kevin become HoH, they will all leave the House.

The three are against Geraldine, Nkenna, Edward and Mzamo.Geraldine and Nkenna on the other hand are also desperate to win HoH, because they do not trust Mzamo or Edward.

Elizabeth just like Jeremy who was evicted one week ago predicts that Kevin and Edward will be the two going head to head for the $200,000 prize.

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