Nkaissery dares SONU to blockade roads as demo is pushed to Wednesday

Students protesting along Parliament Rd. /File

The student leadership of the University of Nairobi has postponed a planned demonstration to Wednesday if HELB will not have disbursed money to first-year students. The students had planned to grind Nairobi to a halt this morning by blocking all major roads led by their seven campuses spread across Nairobi and Kiambu county.

In a statement issued by Interior Cabinet Secretary Major General Nkaissery, the government is assuring Nairobi residents of their security and urges motorists, not to be perturbed by the threats.

“At the same time, this message is intended to serve a STRONG warning to any person or persons that may have an intention to blockade any road, attack any person or destroy property.  We are particularly dismayed at the contemplation of the attack and engagement with the security officers.  Any such acts will be dealt with swiftly and firmly. Further, I wish to inform Kenyans that investigations are underway to determine the origin of the said messages, and take necessary action.” says Nkaissery.

The student leader’s had on Saturday sent out the demo plan on Facebook as they provoked police to engage the demonstrating students.

“All the policemen,G.S.U are invited,please come with your guns,teargas,shields and bullet prooves on since it is going to be thorough. All unarmed comrades are advised to come with light shoes.”

The demonstration has been postponed to Wednesday after HELB assured the University administration and SONU that the monies will be disbursed Monday and Tuesday.

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