Demi Lovato finally making progress in rehab

Demi Lovato is “doing great” in rehab.

The ‘Stone Cold’ hitmaker was admitted into hospital last month after a suspected heroin overdose and whilst she is expecting it to be a “long road” ahead, she is making progress.

A source told People magazine: “She’s in recovery and doing great. This is a long road.” It comes after her pal Big Time Rush’s Logan Henderson revealed his friend is doing well and is a very “strong woman”. He shared: “I grew up with Demi Lovato. The same acting classes and friends since we were young. That was the first time I saw somebody with incredible talent. I thought, ‘Woah, this is unbelievable.’ … She’s doing good. I think it’s going to be … prayers and best wishes for her. She’s a strong, strong female. She’s a wonderful woman and she’s going to be good.”

Demi recently broke her silence for the first time since she was admitted to the hospital, where she thanked her fans for their “positive thoughts and prayers”.

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