Russian tourist dies in Mombasa after shooting

Mombasa's deputy divisional police chief Tom Okoth said, confirming the woman's nationality is Russian/FILE
Mombasa’s deputy divisional police chief Tom Okoth said, confirming the woman’s nationality is Russian/FILE
MOMBASA, July 6 – A Russian tourist was shot and killed while touring a historical site in Kenya’s port city of Mombasa on Sunday, police said.

“It is unfortunate the lady who was shot has succumbed to injuries,” Mombasa’s deputy divisional police chief Tom Okoth said, confirming the woman’s nationality as Russian.

According to police, the tourist was touring Fort Jesus – a 16th century Portuguese-built fort and a UNESCO World Heritage Site – with two other people when three gunmen opened fire and grabbed a bag containing cameras, phones and other personal belongings.

Okoth said police were searching for the attackers and an investigation had been launched.

Mombasa has been the scene of worsening unrest in recent months with a string of shootings and bombings blamed on Somalia’s Shabaab rebels or local supporters.

The shooting occurred after at least 18 people were killed in overnight attacks more than 300 kilometres (190 miles) up the coast in the Lamu region. The Shabaab claimed those killings.

Last month the Shabaab, which has carried out a number of attacks on Kenyan soil in retaliation for Kenya’s military intervention in Somalia, warned foreign tourists to stay out of Kenya.

“Kenya is now officially a war zone and as such any tourists visiting the country do so at their own peril,” the group said in a statement less than three weeks ago.

Kenya also suffers from high levels of violent crime and robberies.

In May several countries stepped up their warnings to travellers, with Britain, France, Australia and the United States telling their citizens to avoid all but essential travel to Mombasa.

  • Somalisuperman

    No Tourist is safe as long as Muslim Clerics are not safe in Mombase

    • Polkot

      What has a tourist got to do with Muslim Clerics? You are a mad, somalisillyman and a super coward!

      • Somalisuperman



        • Polkot

          You are one of them killers and we are coming for your head! You will see your severed head dripping your evil blood!

  • Qwani

    The parliamentary committee that is holding up the Safaricom CCTV project had better take a very good look at what is happening in Mombasa!!

  • Loisoiflame

    Kandie spent tax payers money to go to USA and UK to preach how safe kenya is ” Kenya is safe” on return she told the world how successful her mission was. ‘ she convinced travellers to come to Kenya and that is why Masai Mara is flocking with tourists . She understands Zero about her work . She has no clue she does not know the travellers coming to Kenya booked their trips months ago. She does not realize how many have cancelled since. because of fear of insecuriy but the damn f– instead of asking for support in fight against terrorism from within and without , she goes to boast
    When Kenyan die , Kenya is safe for tourist! Now that a tourist has been killed i urge her to apologize and inform us what the government is doing to keep Kenyans and tourist safe or resign!

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