CCTV shows Westgate attackers were in no hurry


Two of the terrorists are seen in this CCTV footage walking around in Nakumatt Supermaket. CFM.
Two of the terrorists are seen in this CCTV footage walking around in Nakumatt Supermaket. CFM.
NAIROBI, Kenya Oct 5 – Attackers of the Westgate Shopping Mall are seen walking fearlessly with no sense of panic after executing 67 people, in the worst terror attack to have occurred in the country since the 1998 US embassy bombing in Nairobi.

Four attackers, wielding automatic rifles, with ammunition bags strapped on their backs were captured by CCTV cameras, as they walked up and down in the expansive mall while conversing and laughing about while gesturing at one another. One can be seen kicking a mini computer on a teller in the Nakumatt Supermaket.

Security forces have been able to profile the attackers Captured by the CCTV cameras, and identified them as notorious terror suspects who were on their wanted persons list.

One of them is Abu Baraal Al Sudani, a Somali extremist with links to Al Qaeda, who is known to be a sharp shooter.

In the CCTV, Al Sudani is clearly seen in a Khaki cream trouser, a dark blue or black jacket, white sports shoes and an ammunition bag around his waist.

Another attacker seen in the CCTV in Omar Nabhan who is thought to have been born and brought up in Mombasa before moving out to Somalia for training.

On the day of the attack, the man believed to be Nabhan who was also carrying a rifle was wore a sky blue shirt and what appears to be brown pair of trousers with a head scarf.

The third attacker identified by security forces so far is a man thought to be Khatab Al Khane who was initially based in Mogadishu.

He is described by police as an extremist who has substantial knowledge of using explosives and all types of rifles. The CCTV footage released to the media is carefully edited to extract unsuitable images, including the real action when the attackers were shooting and tossing grenades at shoppers in the mall.

Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo says they have since established that the number of attackers who took part in the October 21 siege were between four to six and not ten to fifteen as earlier reported by investigators.

“From what we have now that is coming out of the investigation, the number of attackers was between four to six,” police Chief David Kimaiyo told Kenyan television station KTN.

“None of them managed to escape from the building after the attack,” he said, implying that they were killed in the confrontation.

During the four-day siege authorities had said that between 10 and 15 gunmen were involved, and later claimed to have killed five of them. 67 civilians and six security forces were also killed in the confrontation with the attackers.

Witnesses in the mall described how the fighters stormed the complex midday on that Saturday when it was crowded with shoppers, firing from the hip and hurling grenades at shoppers and staff.

CCTV camera footage from one part of the mall showed only four young men ambling around with AK-47 rifles in hand.

Kimaiyo also confirmed that wanted British “White Widow” Samantha Lewthwaite — reported to have been one of the attackers — was not involved.

“On Samantha we have also established that she was not part of the attackers in the building. There was no woman.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced plans to establish a commission of inquiry to probe the attack.

  • golditberg

    This is what spies are for! Spies are not meant to be sitting behind earphones listening to mama mboga and baba mboga talking in their houses. Mama terrorist and Baba terrorist exist, and some of them are the same leaders and government agents that we exhalt.

    It is time to rid the world of incompetence, but first, it is important to mitigate problems before they blow up. Somalis living in Kenya are escaping their incompetent and cowardly leaders who instead of providing them with food, shelter, and clothing,… or the mere chance to be able to fend for such, they instead provide death, torture, and misery. It is interesting to see Somali’s terror gangs hiding behind religion, when all they need to do to be considered serious and humane by their own citizens is to provide their own citizens with water, food, roads, education, security from enemies within and without, and the ability to give birth to a baby who will die of natural causes 100+ years later.

    Now the cowards had to come to westgate to kill pregnant women, children, and defenseless men after kidnapping tourists in Mombasa and Lamu. Stupid people with religion, end up being very stupid religious people. Jinga ni jinga hata uiweke kwa dini gani.

    I always feel sorry for Somalis because they do not know how it feels to have a country. They can borrow mine.

    • Duncan Muchina

      You lamented well but with one unfortunate caviar; Somalis. When you use such a broad term, please be informed that we have Kenyan Somalis and Somali Somalis. You cannot group then together in much the same way you cannot group Kenyan Masais with Tanzanian Masais. Or Kenyan Bagisus and Ugandan Bagisus. They all bear different nationalities and you should respect that. One of the heroes of Westgate was a Kenyan Somali: Haji. Do not pout your ignorance here. Just refrain from touching the keyboard if you have no clue what the ramifications of your post can create. Ok?

      • golditberg

        I did not write Kenyan Somalis, because I need to be clear that there some people who exist on this planet were not Citizens of somalia before the dual nationality clause. There is another facet. They are Kenyans, and there are Somalis. You can go farther, but I do not say Kenyan Kikuyu, Kenyan Maasai, kenyan Bantu, … Etc.

        Between the 70s and 90s there has been the facet of the north eastern clashes resulting from a war by some somali citizens trying to take back NE province. Ignore history, ignore knowledge.

        And the TJRC has touched this issue.

        • Jim Guteta Kahuna

          @golditberg:disqus Just ignore the Tard!!! he is jus tribal malicious and ignorant… the most stupid comment i have ever seen in my life. @Leopardchui:disqus so whot are u a kenya kamba or kenyan idiot?

  • Marco Jansen

    To me it seems strange they could walk around just like that…. The whole story is smelly. I don’t thing we will ever hear the real story.

  • Jongere

    The security forces only monitor the perceived desenting voices from the opposition and not the external enemy. I thoght the other day we went to election with various candidates and they got their share of votes irrespective of how fair they were attained, so why this old paranoia and big man of Africa. The securty sector must be devoid of politics abd that is how it should be in the constitution. No patiality, no tribal interest, please.

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