Peter Kenneth unveils Presidential bid on a KNC ticket

Kenneth intends to focus on agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and Information Communication Technology to improve the country’s economy/Felix Magara.

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 4- Gatanga Member of Parliament Peter Kenneth formally unveiled his Presidential bid on Sunday, joining a long list of aspirants eyeing the top job.

He launched his presidential campaign at the Kenyatta International Conference in Nairobi where he announced that he will be vying on a Kenya National Congress (KNC) party ticket.

“It is with God’s grace, total humility and with a deep sense of responsibility that I offer my candidature for the presidency in the year 2013,” he told an ecstatic crowd of his supporters.

Kenneth unveiled a five year plan that would see him, should he be elected president, focus on five areas of security, infrastructure, education, water conservation and healthcare to improve the lives of Kenyans.

“I am committed to ensure that in the next three years, the 45 counties that do not have referral hospitals will have referral hospitals,” he pledged.

Kenneth also pledged to build a national polytechnic in each county if he is elected to take over from President Mwai Kibaki who is retiring next year after serving for two terms.

On water conservation, Kenneth also pledged that each county would have a dam to facilitate irrigation to boost agriculture which is the country’s backbone.

He faulted the government’s failure to build a Likoni bridge which he said would be far much cheaper than acquiring new ferries.

On infrastructure, the Planning Assistant Minister pledged to improve the rail system saying, “We must see how our rail will work so that we don’t have a burden on our roads.”

He also intends to focus on four other areas which include agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and Information Communication Technology to improve the country’s economy.

“We are only getting 1.6 million tourists in Kenya annually, yet we know the potential Kenya has is not even exploited. We know that despite the two areas where tourism is very popular we have not invested. You look at the coast province and you realise we should have done all the roads and bridges to ensure more tourists get to the coast province,” he said, adding “You look at the Maasai Mara and you get embarassed watching tourists getting stuck.”

Kenneth told his supporters that if elected President he will also fast track reforms in the judiciary and implement the constitution.

Kenneth’s son Andrew, was also at the launch and endorsed his father’s presidential bid as did Planning Minister Wycliffe Oparanya who is allied to Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s ODM.

“You know where I am and occassionally I’ve talked to you about working together but maybe it will come. Don’t forget us when you get there,” Oparanya said.



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  • Chrenyan

    Many aspirants merely talk about bringing change, while a select few actually go ahead and deliver it. The simple truth is that there is no better Presidential candidate than Peter Kenneth. In short:

    He is not tribal. We will never solve the tribe problem in Kenya by distributing a corrupt Presidency to each tribe. That will never end it. What we need is a President who is a Kenyan first, and other things later, if at all. Such a person can put in place an environment in which everyone feels that the system is fair and they have a fair chance, no matter where they’re from. Kenneth can give us that.

    Secondly, the man delivers development. You cannot top CDF rankings for 8 years just by accident. It requires determination, focus, hard work, and a deep desire to see to it that the people who voted you in are better off because of voting for you. Let us not forget that everybody vying to be President is currently an MP, and Peter Kenneth has done a better job than any/all of them.

    And lastly, the man is principled. Remember this is one of the 2 (out of 222!) MPs who was paying his taxes even before the new Constitution. That kind of honesty is rare.

    I decided for the man long ago, and I am happy to see his campaign kick off. Why should we wait another 5 years? What Gatanga has now, Kenya can have in March.

    It’s that simple.

  • Solomon A Asinzu Mbogani

    This man is a real leader that Central Kenya has ever produced, he has qualities available or prescribed in any professional leadership book , not a con-artist, a tribal chief, a representative of a tribe or corporate grouping trying to keep themselves in power for manipulation and protection of government contractors or old corrupt presidency grouping, but looks a serious sincere man. The trouble is this are the mucky dirty waters of Kenyan majority will justify sycophancy and tribal arithmetic over credibility and performance in leadership. Wish you well man. Your was presented almost like Obama.

  • mercy

    I really don’t know how Kenyans can interpret this. Here is the man with vision
    Peter Kenneth, has already shown actions in Gatanga, and yet people are stuck
    with the same policy with old people in politics with no idea where we are
    heading as technology is knocking on the door. Please Kenyan wake up and make up
    your mind wisely elect leaders for the future for our generation to come. Talk
    to your neighbor it’s not late, this our time and the more we campaign the more
    people understand this young Man vision.

  • ronald

    The level of politics that the nation is gearing to can be
    said to be mature and purpose driven. With such an enormous support for our KNC
    presidential hopeful, more is still to come.

    Talking of that, PETER is liberal and realistically a
    visionary leader. He has an achievable dream for our nation and can only be
    rivaled by another intellectual leader-which for this case doesn’t exist!!!

    Let us all accord him the support he needs, he needs to
    garner votes so as to get the
    opportunity to serve our nation. His track record tells it all. I strongly
    believe he will make it and a new dawn for change will have at last been
    brought amidst us. Pamoja TUNAWESMAKE

  • Mutwii Nzyoki

    I just can’t believe how gullible Kenyans can be!I come from the “OTHER GATANGA” that few know about.As you drive from Thika towards Sagana,to your right there are vast pineapple plantations for Del Monte and Kakuzi companies.This is also Gatanga constituency.If you take any of the roads through these plantations or through the other side of Kilimambogo through Ndula hydro-subtation you will emerge in another part of Gatanga constituency comprising Kinyangi,Kakuzi and Ithanga.These divisions are shielded from the general public by the vast plantations through both the Kitui-Garissa highway and thika Sagana highway.Now the shocker!THERE IS NO SINGLE POTHOLE IN GATANGA CONSTITUENCY!!That is the often line mheshimiwa gives to all and sundry.Of course there are no potholes in the said areas.You cannot have potholes on cattle tracks!Because that is what we have here!Not even a single marram road or an all weather road to serve the half of Gatanga constituents who reside here.There are adults here who have never seen how a tarmacked road looks like probably only on photosWe have tried to bring in the media to highlight this but the story is always “killed” when it reaches airing or publication.Now you are talking about someone who will be fair to all?Does this look like one?Of course I tend to think he is fine as a person,but the old men from his area of Gatanga Ndakaini i.e the Doctors and Professors who propped him up call the shots and are the real cause of this sorry state.So, if funds are concentrated on one small region rather the wider area it’s supposed to,who would not perform magic?Now another thing,these neglected areas are multi-ethnic,kambas and kikuyus,while the developed upper Gatanga is inhabited by one ethnic group.What does that say?I think we should make researched decisions rather than compromised media reportage.

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