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The fear of unemployment makes me very uneasy – final year student

Graduation Moi

For many final year students, the time leading to graduation and the start of a new life after is a mixture of hope, anxiety and uncertainty. This is the time you are trying to complete your University education while dealing with the demands of job hunting and facing the reality of the end of your campus education, that is at ... Read More »

How not to ruin your career in college

Networking Shy

We can shout at the top of our lungs about our success and we can chronicle our achievements in stone tablets. As human nature, we are wired to present the glittering side of our lives while hiding our flaws. But it takes real strength and character to get off the high horse and admit failure, swallow your pride in one ... Read More »

Report: How much do MBA holders earn?

UoN business school

  Kenya is churning over 3,000 Masters of Business Administration graduates every year, making the graduate degree one of the most popular courses in the country. Over 20 public and private universities are offering MBA degrees in the country, with more expected to join the fray. Despite the soaring MBA numbers, the demand for qualified business managers has grown in ... Read More »

5 things you need to bring to a career fair

Career fair

Upon joining a university or college, one of the things you notice is how you get exposed to a whole new world you barely knew existed. It is in college that you realise you future is very dependent on the decisions you make. You are presented with many opportunities – good and bad – it’s up to you to make ... Read More »

The two main factors employers look for in Kenyan graduate candidates


Every year, 50,000 graduates join the Kenyan job market chasing after (very) limited vacancies. But for the smart ones, the job search doesn’t start after the graduation day. According to a study released by Corporate Staffing Services, employers look for experience. Not news, we know. But the 205 employers surveyed, leadership experience and volunteering experience rank highest when assessing candidates for entry ... Read More »

Internships: How to get the experience you need

intern of the month

After undertaking over fifty interviews to fill a position at my firm this past month, I have come to the sad conclusion that many, if not most, young people do not understand why they need to undertake internships/ attachments. Interning seems to be yet another perfunctory requirement on the journey to a full-time, well paying job, and one can almost hear ... Read More »

Strathmore, UoN graduates most preferred by employers – study

graduation strath

The University of Nairobi and Strathmore University graduates have an edge over other students from other institutions of higher learning, according to a survey released today by HR Company Corporate Staffing Services. 84 percent of employers who had a preference when hiring said graduates from the University of Nairobi have an advantage when recruiting entry level jobs. Strathmore graduates topped ... Read More »

5 simple ways shy people can perfect their networking skills

Networking Shy

There are people who waltz into a room, spot someone, walk up to them and immediately make a connection. They are masters at this game, moths drawn to the light of potential acquaintances. They normally seem invincible as they dragon-glide across the room with a lizard-like glory, like an old show man at the end of year circus.So effortless is ... Read More »

The rise of Forex Trading in Kenya: A shortcut to riches or a risky waste of time?


In Nairobi’s Umoja Estate, two young people gave up looking for formal employment. They were simply too frustrated with the job search to continue. In a country where tribalism, corruption, and nepotism skew the job search to favor some and not others, Mike Mogire and Allan Mwangi, both Bachelor of Commerce graduates from the University of Nairobi, say they “tried and ... Read More »

How to prepare for the job market

job interview office

As part of my youth mentorship program, last week I had an engaging season with students at Kenyatta University on how to prepare for the job market. Below is a summary of my talk: 1. Have a professional CV Most qualified job seekers hardly get invited for interviews by prospective employers despite applying for hundreds of jobs due to a ... Read More »

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