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WATCH LIVE: Entrepreneur vs Employment. Join the discussion #ThroughPass

Through pass LIVE

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Job Alerts: New opportunities in cosmetics, energy and entertainment

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Dear Jobseeker, Have you been feeling discouraged about your job search of late? Getting no responses for the hundreds of applications you have sent out? Cheer up. This week is full of good news for young job seekers, with new opportunities in industries we have not discussed before, such as cosmetics and beauty, Energy Audit and Entertainment and if you ... Read More »

Unmotivated at work? 5 surefire ways to reignite the spark


Quit! That’s the easy and most common solution for employees caught in a dead-end job. But as reality sinks in, quitting is not always the answer for an unhappy employee. Very few of us are willing to take a blind plunge without a definite alternative, such as another job or self-employment. A 2013 Deloitte study reveals that nearly one-third of employees surveyed worldwide ... Read More »

7 easy places for graduates to network


Imagine if the job industry was designed like a lottery. A number of random names on cards thrown into a bucket, some mixing and shaking by one of those blindfolded assistants and voila! Congratulations Mike, you are now the lucky winner of the vacant Head of Operations position. If wishes were horses, save me a star to wish on. Sadly, ... Read More »

Six essential time management skills you need to develop

rescue time

How you spend your time will determine the outcome of your life. Time can’t be compared with any material possession in this world. They say waste your money and you’re only out of money, but waste your time and you’ve lost part of your life. Over the years, I have been able to carry out a research on time and ... Read More »

What it takes to work for a multinational company in Kenya


In a forum organised by Ignite and Campus life, Norah Odwesso, the Public Affairs and Communications Director for Coca-Cola Central, East & West Africa, shared bits of industry insights to students aspiring to work for a multinational company.   “Believe it or not, all the big giants (MNCs) are setting foot in Africa. Africa is the last frontier for growth. ... Read More »

3 skills Kenyan millennial graduates need to develop

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This is a celebratory missive- a champions’ fist in the air whoop! Whoop! Shut down this street and high five me chant.’ This time there’ll be no pointing fingers and blaming each other for the state you are in. None of that, this time round we offer a helping hand. With this, we are pointing forward and not towards you. ... Read More »

Kenyan jobs: The good, the bad and promising

IFC jobs

Dear jobseeker, This week in our survey of the Kenyan job market, we take a different approach that includes a review of job opportunities we have highlighted previously. Our aim is to help you understand links between events and your employment chances. Industries that continue to show high promise: Money Remittances: we have previously highlighted the entry of various money transfer players ... Read More »

How to use the 5 Ps of Marketing in Self Branding


Whether we like it or not, we are always judged by how we present ourselves. In meetings, job interviews or dates, people will label you depending on how you present yourself. If you are a product, who will buy you? What is your unique selling point and proposition? When pitching yourself to others, always present the best of you. How ... Read More »

This is why 2015 will be one of the best years to get a job in Kenya

internship engineering

1. Bloomberg Ranks Kenya’s Growth Rate Third Globally Kenya’s economy is one of five countries globally that will grow at above 5 percent in 2015. In fact, we are third, right after China and Philippines. And this ranking factors in all the big challenges we are facing including terrorism which has essentially wiped out tourism jobs. So get positive, dear ... Read More »

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