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10 mistakes job seekers make in their application?


Your job application is the first impression you make on a potential employer. In fact, the reason applications are required in most companies is precisely so that employers can test and judge you.  We have compiled below the most common mistakes we are seeing among applicants when they email applications to us. Avoid these mistakes at all costs. 1. “I ... Read More »

How to find an internship, faster

internship engineering

“Let us watch well our beginnings and results will manage themselves.” Alexander Clark Job experience is essential when college graduates begin their job search. Students who have not had internship experience during college will stand out (and not in a good way.) No matter which field of study you choose, an internship can be invaluable. For college and university students, ... Read More »

How to craft the perfect cover letter

writing perfect cover letter

You’ve found your ideal job, updated your resume, and finished the online application — but one piece is missing … Dun, dun, duuuun. The dreaded cover letter. We understand that crafting the perfect cover letter can be a painstaking process, which is exactly why we’ve summed up all the essential elements (and provided handy examples!). Follow our guide, and you’re sure ... Read More »

Diary of a jobless Kenyan youth: Identifying fraudulent jobs


Nairobi will show you flames. While web surfing the other day I came across a glorious opportunity at some nondescript NGO website. As I read through the tasks of the job they were all things I was familiar with. I scroll further and see that they have posted the pay range; it reads 200-300k dependent on experience. Yet the minimum ... Read More »

JOBS: 5 emerging sectors that Kenyan job-seekers need to watch

Comp ICT lab

Dear Jobseeker, The big job market news of April is, of course, the release of the Economic Survey 2015 last week which revealed that formal job creation was lower in the 2014 as compared to 2013. This is the first contraction in job creation in the last five years.  The Kenyan economy only created 103,000 new formal jobs as compared ... Read More »

Glass ceiling? Female UoN Engineering student juggling DJ career

DJ Sharly

24-year-old Dj Sharly (Sharlyne Andis Agini) is slowly but surely becoming a force to reckon with in the entertainment scene dominated by male DJs. The upcoming DJ, who happens to be an engineering student at the University of Nairobi, is carving a niche by introducing her fans to a fusion of African and Western beats that has an appeal across ... Read More »

The fear of unemployment makes me very uneasy – final year student

Graduation Moi

For many final year students, the time leading to graduation and the start of a new life after is a mixture of hope, anxiety and uncertainty. This is the time you are trying to complete your University education while dealing with the demands of job hunting and facing the reality of the end of your campus education, that is at ... Read More »

How not to ruin your career in college

Networking Shy

We can shout at the top of our lungs about our success and we can chronicle our achievements in stone tablets. As human nature, we are wired to present the glittering side of our lives while hiding our flaws. But it takes real strength and character to get off the high horse and admit failure, swallow your pride in one ... Read More »

Report: How much do MBA holders earn?

UoN business school

  Kenya is churning over 3,000 Masters of Business Administration graduates every year, making the graduate degree one of the most popular courses in the country. Over 20 public and private universities are offering MBA degrees in the country, with more expected to join the fray. Despite the soaring MBA numbers, the demand for qualified business managers has grown in ... Read More »

5 things you need to bring to a career fair

Career fair

Upon joining a university or college, one of the things you notice is how you get exposed to a whole new world you barely knew existed. It is in college that you realise you future is very dependent on the decisions you make. You are presented with many opportunities – good and bad – it’s up to you to make ... Read More »

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