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How to become a game designer (Infographic)

gamer gaming

With the advent of arcade, home console, computer, and now mobile and tablet games, game design has become an elaborate process. Specialists trained in a variety of disciplines collaborate to create great computer or video games replete with state-of-the-art animation and visual effects. Historically, game design has primarily been male-dominated, but in the past 25 years, more women have been ... Read More »

Kenya’s Okwiri Oduor wins £10,000 Caine Prize for African writing

Okwiri Oduor

Kenya’s Okwiri Oduor has won the 2014 Caine Prize for African Writing, described as Africa’s leading literary award, for her short story entitled ‘My Father’s Head’ from Feast, Famine and Potluck (Short Story Day Africa, South Africa, 2013). The Chair of Judges, Jackie May MBE, announced Okwiri Oduor as the winner of the £10,000 prize at the Bodleian Library in ... Read More »

This College is offering studies in Marijuana


With more states in the US legalizing medical marijuana, a need has arisen to enrich the body knowledge of the drug. The Northeaster Institute of Cannibis in Massachusetts will soon admit students to study everything about pot. The 12 course program will teach students on the history, classification, medical use of cannabis, and growing techniques among other courses. To enroll, ... Read More »

10 ways to ace your post-college job search

Jobberman customer care

Gone are the days when college graduates could expect large corporations to come to them with amazing offers simply because of their degrees. Today’s new job seekers must be more aggressive in order to discover and vie for the best opportunities, and be proactive about standing out (in a good way!) in the competitive job market. Here are some often-overlooked ... Read More »

Teen gets a Sh500,000 pm Facebook internship , meets Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg at his desk. Image source: Tiphereth

Facebook Inc. rolled out the red carpet for Michael Sayman when the social network hired him for a job that started last month, including flying him out to meet Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg. Sayman, 17, brought his mom along on the trip. The position Facebook recruited him for: summer intern. “When I got the e-mail saying — oh my ... Read More »

Where we go wrong with our goals


Performance goals or extrinsic motivators, those goals which are measured by a set out put, plague us through most of our lives. Grades, trophies, Facebook likes, retweets, sex… money, all these are things that we at one point are intent of chasing and the general notion has been that the higher we set the bar for these types of goals ... Read More »

From Intern to CEO: How 5 ordinary People scaled the corporate ladder


The base of the corporate pyramid is usually crowded with competition heating up as you rise through mid-level management and gets really lonely at the top. Only the best rise to the very top. We usually admire and look up to the success stories in the business world. How do you rise from an intern to a CEO? There are ... Read More »

Graduate Trainee Jobs


Description Background We wish to announce the launch of the Millward Brown EA Graduate Trainee Programme, a one year intensive programme whose aim is to provide on the job learning opportunities to young graduates and thereby create a pool of employable persons for short term and long term research related careers. Interested applicants are required to submit a Motivation letter ... Read More »

How much does the average Kenyan employee earn at a blue chip company?

girl cash

Many people either prospecting or already in the employment market desire to work for household names. The belief is that these blue-chip organisations will offer high levels of pay and career progression. That is true. But, have you ever wondered how much it pays to work for some of Kenya’s Blue Chip companies? Below is a list of 5 locally ... Read More »

Microsoft launches Youth employment and enterprise portal in Kenya


Kenyan youth are set to easily access information on available job opportunities and entrepreneurship through an online portal. www.tukoworks.co.ke is an initiative by Microsoft Corporation and HomeBoyz Foundation. The website aims to provide Kenyan youth with free resources, training, career guidance services and entrepreneurial opportunities through a network of accessible tools and content on various opportunities in addition to skills ... Read More »

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