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3 ways to keep your melanin popping

Your skin is the body’s largest organ. It keeps your internal organs protected, and endures alot to keep you safe. So why not show your skin some love, and keep it glistening with these simple steps?

Here are the three basic steps that are essential to keeping your melanin popping:


It might seem like a simple step, but step of skincare is often overlooked. Underrated and underappreciated, exfoliation is key to keep you glowing. Your skin accumulates dead cells, dirt and germs in the course of the day. Whether you are out in the sun or sitting at a desk all day, your skin is still exposed and in dire need of exfoliation at least once a week. A gentle home-made sugar scrub is the secret to getting that glow.

2.  Eat fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are full of anti-oxidants and minerals that are essential to renewing your skin. Even as a young woman, your skin could suffer from the effects of the sun, harsh chemicals and sleep deprivation. To keep your skin glowing, nourish your body from the inside out by carefully considering what you eat. Always have a colorful meal, the more color on your plate, the more nourishment you are set to gain from it.


It takes some practice to know which products will give you the perfect melanin glow. Layering afew products and using different products for different parts could give you the optimum results. Areas with course skin such as the elbows, knees and feet need extra care and protection. A thicker moisturizer such as a whipped butter for example shea butter is set to give you great coverage. On the other hand, your chest area, arms and face may require a light moisturizing formula for example coconut oil, Bio Oil or even a light cocoa butter infused lotion.

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