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Why does food make us think about sex?

Nibbling on chocolate-covered fruits. Drizzling honey over fluffy pancakes. Salivating over juicy steaks. Sucking raw oysters with spicy Tabasco straight out of its shell. What is it about food that makes us think about...

Biltong at The Butcher Shop and Grill in Sandton, South Africa (PHOTO: Susan Wong 2011) 1

Biltong: South Africa’s favourite munchy

When one thinks of South Africa, thoughts of Nelson Mandela, rugby, music and Kruger National Park are often conjured up. Now, if you’re a food connoisseur or a self-professed ‘foodie,’ perhaps thoughts of South...

Jiko Restaurant at Tribe Hotel in Nairobi (photo credit Susan Wong 2011) 8 0

Jiko opens at Tribe Hotel Nairobi

Jiko, Tribe Hotel’s new swanky signature restaurant has officially opened its doors! With a warmer ambience and refined look, the Jiko team hopes to attract Nairobian foodies with their impressive presentation and fresh local...