#SusanEats: Kivulini Restaurant

kivulini restaurant photographed by susan wong 2012 - spaghetti alla carbonara

It use to be by reservation only, clouded by tight security, a meal at former La Terrazza seemed like a lot of hassle that not even the idyllic poolside surroundings could make one forget.  In May, under new management, the Italian-focused menu was transformed into a vibrant Continental version, and with that, Kivulini Restaurant was born.

According to Eat Out, an average meal at Kivulini Restaurant will cost around Sh 1,850 per person.  For location details, prices, and how you can book online – make sure you check out Eat Out Kenya!

Check it out now! http://www.eatout.co.ke/kivulini

The expansive al fresco dining space still remains quiet and serene, the short walk from the parking area to the restaurant still takes you over an arched wooden foot bridge with exotic fish staring up at you, and the towering palm trees still sway around the inviting Moroccan-inspired pool.  Soft acid jazz hums in the background.

So what has changed?

No longer at a “coastal pace,” Kivulini’s idea of service is more in-tune with the restless hustle of Nairobi.  Our waiter, Lucas, was incredibly friendly, attentive and efficient – Kivulini’s service was worlds away from what Capital Lifestyle last remembered.

Chef Jackson promised the finest of Continental cuisine, and from what Lifestyle sampled, it was certainly not an empty promise.

kivulini restaurant photographed by suan wong

There was the Oriental Chicken Wings at Sh 550, tossed in a lightly-spiced sauce, juicy and very tender.  The presentation was disappointing and hardly did any justice to the delicious wings – spread out on the dish with plenty of space in between the wings, at first glance the Oriental Chicken Wings looked hardly appetizing.  The Greek Salad for Sh 900 seemed expensive, but when the full plate of farm-fresh Mediterranean ingredients arrived, reservations were eased.  Capital Lifestyle’s favourite was the Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup – aromatic, creamy, smooth and comforting – an absolute delight.

Onwards.  Crispy bacon, garlic, beaten eggs, a generous measure of Parmesan cheese and cream are tossed with al denté spaghetti. Smooth and not a single curdle, the Spaghetti alla Carbonara was executed very well.  The Cajun Butterfly Chicken, marinated with seven spices served with potatoes and a red pepper sauce, was simple and moist.  The Pork Chops, prepared in a “secret” marinade and glazed with honey was paired with a sweet and tangy delicious homemade barbeque sauce with fresh pineapple.

The big portions and diverse Continental cuisine will likely get new Kivulini diners to swoon with excitement.  Only five minutes from Westlands, Kivulini is a new option for time-pressed Nairobians looking for a central, tranquil dining getaway.


kivulini restaurant photographed by susan wong 2012 - chicken wings

Oriental Chicken Wings

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