Inside the Kshs1. 4 Billion Millionaires Casino in Nairobi {Picture gallery}

Grand. Lavish. Swanky. Deluxe and Sophisticated. That is what one gets when they step inside the new Millionaires Casino, located at Two Rivers shopping mall, Nairobi. The Casino which prides itself in bringing the Las Vegas feel not only to Kenya but East and Central Africa, portrays the “Millionaires” theme through the elegance of black and gold, rich wood interiors, sophisticated furniture and bold chandeliers creating an ambiance that is truly fit for a millionaire. It is grand; like never been seen before in the region making it the biggest and most exquisite casino in East & Central Africa. If you’d like to try your hand at lady luck and want to do it in style, this is clearly the place for you with a touch of extravagant luxury. Millionaires Casino is part of the internationally recognized Millionaires Gaming Africa Group.

Take a tour inside East and Central Africa’s biggest Casino.




The Casino is located at the expansive Two Rivers Mall, the largest shopping center in SSA (outside of SA) with over 200 stores offering local and international experiences.