The Lowdown on Styling the Perfect Entryway

A beautiful, well organized entryway or lobby/foyer will always make a home/hotel feel more inviting. It is therefore important to style it just right.

The entryway is like an introduction to your home. A way of letting others know what to expect. It can earn you major styling points if you do it right.

How can one pack Style and Function into an entryway specifically? It’s simple. It really is.

A home should reveal your personal style. So, it is important to let your style come out to show exactly who you are.

When it comes to styling your entryway, you need to figure out which interior design style you want to go with. The style you choose must complement your living room since that’s the room your entryway introduces you to.

The size of your entryway may also help to determine the style to go with as well. Make sure not to over clutter the entryway with furniture or decor items that do not suit your space.

To style your entryway successfully, you will need:

*A large mirror (preferably a round mirror to bring out character).

*A beautiful painting (choose either the mirror or the painting, not both).

*A console or a bench (depending on the style you’re going with).

*Area rug

*A beautiful light fixture (if the space allows).

*Other accessories that are dependent on your style like decorative table lamps, flowers, cushions, baskets, stools, a plant, some decor books or magazines, candle holders, special knick knacks from your travels… basically just think of beautiful accessories that you would love to openly and proudly display.

Make sure your personal style show in your displays. Whether you are into rustic vibes, modern vibes, traditional vibes … bring it out.

Make sure to not overcrowd your console with stuff. You could always switch up the decor items, depending on your mood.

In some cases, and based on your style, you could do away with the bench or console altogether to achieve that minimalist, clean look.

All in all, just make sure your entryway represents your style.


For functionality, make sure your entryway serves your interior needs. Be very intentional with how you choose to decorate it.

Make it kid friendly (if kids are involved). Don’t include precious breakables that can easily be broken by kids running around.

Enjoy your entryway and let your guests be amazed at your style!

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