Five Cocktails Made by Kenya’s Top Bartenders

Wednesday 19th June 2019, Diageo Kenya crowned Kenya’s best bartender to represent the country in Glasgow and compete internationally with other bartenders from 52 countries around the globe.

Making it to the finals is an incredible achievement and this year’s finalists brought out their passion, creativity and served signature cocktails at the World Class Bartending competition finale.

The challenge was to make a custom cocktail from premium Gin, Tanqueray No.10 and these five finalists whipped up some pretty impressive concoctions.

In no particular order, here are Kenya’s top bartenders with their selection of signature cocktails and their unique ingredients.

Tanqueray Delight by Emmanuel Wambua, Mixologist, Deja Vu.

With only five ingredients; Tanqueray No.10, Grape fruit, Red grape juice, agave juice and citrus juice, this punch was very well balanced and had this beautiful pink colour.

Asante by Briane Onyogo, Mixologist, Dusit D2.

Briane’s signature cocktail ‘Asante’ is as an appreciation of his journey through out the competition all the way to the finals. This smooth punch is made with Tanqueray No.10, orange liqueur, spicy coriander, cinnamon sticks and grape fruit peels.

Magical by Redempta Muluka, Radisson Blu

Redempta won the hearts of guests with her charming personality and magical punch. She made her punch with Tanqueray No.10, pineapple, butter, cardamom and grapefruit juice yet still maintained this beautiful light pink colour by filtering her ingredients.
Nicholas Ndun’gu, from The Collective

Nicholas lit up the night with Tanqueray No.10, apple juice, Prosecco, white wine vinegar, coriander and paired this punch with cinnamon crisps.

My Muse by Angelique Rivera, Dusit D2
Angelique who was crowned Kenya’s bartender of the year served her signature punch my muse made from Tanqueary No.10, oleo saccharum, coconut water, fruit rinds, grape fruit, lemon rinds, caster sugar, fresh grapefruit juice, lime and lemon juice.

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