Kempinski Moments: Lucca Italian Restaurant

Lucca at Villa Rosa Kempinski is a charming, relaxed restaurant that serves authentic Italian food. Their menu is simple, hearty and you can tell they take a lot of trouble to serve freshly cooked meals and give you an amazing experience.

The head Italian chef, Filippe is one charismatic, bubbly and passionate guy. His energy and passion for food makes it incredibly obvious why Lucca is at the top of the game with regular customers who come to dine the Italian way.

We started off with some Parma ham, salame Milano, mortadella bologna, Prosciutto cotto, Parmesan 30 month aged pecorino Romano, marinated olives and grilled vegetables.

Wine expert Silas paired all our food with wine.

Followed by some freshly baked pizza, risotto and crispy breaded chicken with mushroom sauce.

It wouldn’t be an authentic Italian experience if one didn’t have some room for dessert would it now?

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