Gwyneth Paltrow launches first size inclusive clothing line

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand, Goop, has released a collection in collaboration with clothing brand Universal Standard which marks the retailer’s first ever plus sized line.

The 46-year-old actress’ lifestyle brand, Goop, has released a collection in collaboration with clothing brand Universal Standard, will start from a UK size 02 and range to a size 44 – the largest female dress size offered in the UK.

The essentials range will feature five pieces including a dress, jumpsuit, peacoat and tuxedo jacket with matching trousers and prices start at £187 to £327 and this is the first time Goop has provided sizes over a size 12.

The ‘Iron Man’ star has revealed the aim of the line is to “push the conversation” regarding body positivity into “the mainstream” and to focus on helping women “make choices that make them feel good”.

She said: “Goop is a wellness site with self-care at its core. Our focus is helping women make choices that make them feel good and eliminate shame in their lives, whether that’s linked to sexual health, age, or stress.

“I believe we’re stronger if all archetypes are included, and we’re all able to be seen and lift each other up, which is why we partnered with Universal Standard to create this line of beautifully made pieces.

“We’re excited to work with them in this new capacity, and hope this collaboration continues to push this conversation into the mainstream.”

Co-founder of Universal Standard, Alexandra Waldman added: “Our goal is to bring true inclusivity to every part of the industry.

“For Universal Standard, our mission of fashion freedom shouldn’t be isolated to our brand — we want everyone to embrace the idea that all women, regardless of size, deserve equal access. We’re thrilled to work with Goop to continue manifesting this idea and changing the industry for the better.”

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