Taraji P. Henson fulfils ‘bucket list’ wish on Ralph Breaks the Internet

Taraji P. Henson says that voicing her character Yesss in the animated Disney movie ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ was a “no-brainer”.

The 48-year-old Hollywood actress voices the algorithm Yesss – who is responsible for determining the trending videos on Buzz Video – in the sequel to 2012’s ‘Wreck It Ralph’ – and she instantly knew she wanted to be part of the project because being in a Disney film was on her “bucket list”.

Speaking at a press conference in Los Angeles, Taraji said: “Voicing a character in a Disney animated film? I can check that off the bucket list, thank you. I just thought she was incredible. When Rich [Moore] and Phil [Johnston] brought her to me and explained her, I was like, ‘This is a no-brainer.’ She’s a go-getter. She’s the head of a company. She’s no-nonsense. She has heart. My favourite scene is when Ralph finds himself in the comment room, and she comes in and tells him, ‘It’s not you, it’s them. They’re mean. They’re hurt, so they’re hurting you.’ It grounded the film and the character for me, and it made her multi-dimensional. And then, I got to voice her with amazing actors. It was just a no-brainer for me.”

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ sees John C. Reilly return as the titular character, Sarah Silverman back as Vanellope von Schweetz and Jack McBrayer reprising his part as Fix-It Felix Jr.

Speaking about the plot of the new movie, Moore – who co-directs with Johnston – added: “This time, Ralph’s wrecking wreaks havoc on the Web – as only he can do. Characters we loved in the first film are back and we are ecstatic to be working with them – and the actors who voice them – once again.”

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