Hilton Garden Inn launches Ironing Club for guests to unwind

The Hilton Garden Inn has launched an Ironing Club for guests to unwind and de-stress.

Research by the prestigious hotel chain found that 72 per cent of Brits complete the chore as a method of decompressing, and find it more relaxing than yoga or meditation.

Hilton also found that 37 per cent of people are spending up to two hours a week at the ironing board, with 70 per cent wishing they could spend more time to maximise the calming benefits.

The Brand Head for Hilton Garden Inn, Tal Shefer said “We know that today’s modern travellers are looking for unique ways to unwind.

“Our research reveals that ironing is one of the nation’s top simple pleasures, alongside enjoying freshly-brewed coffee and a lie-in. At Hilton Garden Inn, we’re happy to say we’ve got guests covered for delivering on life’s most simple pleasures”.

Next Sunday (18.11.18) Hilton Garden Inn will be launching its first Ironing Club in response to its research and will provide a 30-minute session for attendees who sign up, complete with lunch and soothing music played throughout the session.

The top five surprising simple pleasures were ranked as follows:

1. Ironing – 72%

2. Folding towels – 56%

3. Pairing socks – 48%

4. Packing/unpacking clothes – 43%

5. Tidying – 33%

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