This Curtain Wall hack is genius and here’s why you should try it!

If you ever needed a quick hack to make your room look spacious, glamorous and clean all in one swift move, you’re in luck because we’ve got just the trick: curtain walls.

Understandably, one only ever considers curtains in their home décor journey when windows are involved. Occassionally, curtains may be used to partition spaces or perhaps even replace wardrobe doors, but for the most part, they’re associated with windows as an alternative to blinds.

But what if we told you that you could also use them to make a statement wall? And that this particular move could be the genius hack to make a small apartment look spacious?

All you need to invest in are some curtain rods and some beautiful curtain fabric (taking into account the amount you’ll need for gathers). To make your space truly feel larger, make sure to hang the curtains as high as possible to elongate the room.

Drapery is a quick way to add personality, texture and architecture to any room!

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