Glamour’s new magazine features three YouTube icons as cover stars


With millions of subscribers and fans hanging onto their every word, it’s no surprise that beauty influencers have become the phenomenon that they are. They’ve brought in millions of dollars in revenue to brands (and as such, charge a pretty penny in for their services), shut down malls due to huge fan turn-outs and ultimately created careers in a space that was once considered trivial and as such, nothing but a ‘hobby’.

Influencers are the new Hollywood stars. And Glamour Magazine is all here for it!

In their new bi-annual publication, Glamour unveiled their cover stars featuring three beauty icons, Patricia Bright, Zoella and Huda Kattan. These three ladies have held their own in the $95billion beauty industry, sharing tips with their audience when it comes to make up, skincare and hair.

Patricia Bright has quickly become a fan favourite on YouTube with her hilarious fashion videos and blunt beauty reviews. In a world where perfection is often exalted, Patricia’s charm and candor is like glass of cold water on a hot summer day: refreshing. With over 2 million YouTube subscribers and a hair company under her belt, this mother of one is taking over the beauty industry by storm.

In her Glamour interview, she talks about the importance of inclusion in a world where beauty brands often overlook a huge number of people.

Zoe Sugg (popularly known as Zoella) may very well be the Queen of YouTube. She’s got a combined total of 17 million subscribers on her two YouTube channels, her very own Madame Tusauds wax figure and her Zoella Beauty and Zoella Lifestyle product line which now sell worldwide.

And that’s not all, Zoella’s first book, Girl Online, sold more copies in its first week than Harry Potter and 50 Shades of Grey. If that doesn’t spell out influence for you, I don’t know what will.

In a rare interview with Glamour, she opens up about her relationship with Alfie, her equally famous boyfriend.

The Huda Beauty empire is one to take note of. Ranking number 1 on Instagram’s Rich List, Huda Kattan has created a brand from scratch that now speaks to an audience of 24million.

Having just started with only $10,000 which she borrowed from her family, Huda has created a force in the beauty industry releasing products with the best sales on Sephora.

She shares her journey through becoming a mogul and juggling motherhood in her Glamour Magazine cover.

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