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  • Sam Humble African

    what happened to quick delivery – Govt operations have freezed for 2 months! All offices are postponing decisions to 1 month after cabinet secretary appointments – so this will be the excuse for not meeting the 100 days promise. Same old monkeys in a digital forest LOL

    • Gabby

      You have also included, I presume His Frivolousness Highness (FH) RAO’s petition that had – you guessed it – NO evidence ??? Or in your (thoughtlessness) you forget that the inauguration was 9th April 2013. Where are the 2 months coming from due to Jubilee alone. buddy?

    • Benson Adwar

      and dont you see any good that the list is out, or for you everything is a glass half empty?????

  • clara

    Sam Humble Africa…stupid, blame the delay on your analogue guys rushing to court with frivolous evidence

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